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Through the GRN* Luxury Resort Membership, you'll have unrestricted access to over 5,000 luxury resort destinations around the world. With no blackout dates or restricted weeks, you are in complete control... Whether you want to go to Hawaii in peak season, Cabo in fishing season, Colorado in ski season, Arizona in golf season, or take a Disney Cruise in any season, our membership offers a service like no other.

Enjoy a lifetime of the world's finest luxury resorts starting at just $298 per week/family, and never pay more than $799 for an entire 8 days and 7 nights.

As a member, you have access anytime to top resort destinations; including highly sought after timeshare resort properties, world famous Sheraton Resort properties, Marriott Resort Properties, and many other luxury resort destinations. (enjoy discounts on all the major cruise lines as well)
One of the best member benefits is that there are no annual dues or exchange fees, no restricted weeks, and no blackout dates- giving you year-round access to the world's top resorts in peak season, completely eliminating any need for a timeshare purchase!

This is accomplished through the tremendous buying power of this membership, who annually purchases prime weeks of inventory in advance, combined with 21 years of establishing contracts with the top resorts and developers.

You'll also enjoy having your own travel professionals who fulfill your specific requests including exact dates, unit sizes, and the number of travelers. This gives you complete freedom and total control to travel when and where you want. This prestigious service will be yours for a lifetime!

See how this Luxury Membership compares to some of the best values available on the net!

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